Digital Strategy

What goals do you have for your website, and are they realistic? What are your online strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? Do you have a plan with concrete goals and milestones to meet? Do you know what resources will be needed along the way? Is there any emerging technology, media platform or new online market you should be looking at?

Answering questions like this is half the battle, executing that strategy is the other. I can help with both. I have two decades experience helping my clients get the most out of their web presence, not just in terms of increased traffic but in how the web positively impacts on their business as a whole.

If you're planning a new site, or have been given responsibility for a site that's under performing (assuming it has clearly defined goals in the first place), I can offer insight on how to avoid common pitfalls, set and meet goals for the project or campaign, and track progress throughout.

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